Happy Champagnat Feast Day #BeMarist #WeMarists

Yesterday it was the feast day of St Marcellin Champagnat, founder of the Marist brothers, and today,  we celebrated together in my school as a Marist community. Last Christmas holiday I had the privilege of being able to stay in the hermitage in France, the house which Marcellin literally carved out of the rock with the first group of brothers. The brothers community we stayed with led humble lives marked by simplicity of relationships. Despite language barriers, they found ways to welcome us into their home and share family spirit with us. We visited the first brothers house with the original table that St Augustine’s replicated in its statue, and other places where Marcellin walked, taught, and even the room in which he died. Connecting with the history of the Marist tradition is important in understanding who Marists are, and why they continue the tradition, but that is not where Marcellin’s spirit lives on. It lives on in every single person gathered in a Marist family, and every person they connect with who shares Marcellin’s mission to make Jesus known and loved. It is in the relationships between each of us that we live out our mission as Marists. I hope all Marists around the world had a happy feast day!


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