#Eurovision2015 – it means nothing to me

We went to Vienna Christmas markets last year for a crazy weekend away. Whenever anyone mentioned the place, my dad cracked his favourite joke about it, “it means nothing to me”. However, I think Eurovision2015 in Vienna probably means a lot to some people! [If you don’t get the joke, watch the video below].

Don’t ask musicians to pick the winner though – our faves were #ITA #FRA and #SWE – two from the top, one from the bottom. We quite enjoyed #AUS too. Mostly, we liked the ones that didn’t have gimmicks, though we realise they are more memorable if they have them. The entry from #GBR was too pastiche, though quite enjoyable. It did remind me a bit too much of Cilla Black with the light-up costumes. In fact, we should probably just let #AUS take over #GBR’s place in Eurovision, since they produced a decent entry and are politically viable as a winner (ouch?).

The graphics of Sweden’s winning entry  from Måns Zelmerlöw were pretty cool too.

We are the heroes of our time
But we’re dancing with the demons in our minds…

I like the message of the song. It’s all inclusive. And even the heroes have demons in their minds. It’s a feel-good song that we should sing to ourselves. What if there’s no-one left to do it but you?

What if I’m the only hero left?

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