Breaking Bad?

I have a confession. It concerns something that I believe is very popular. I normally enjoy most things popular culture, or at least am indifferent. Breaking Bad, however, is an entirely different ball game. I. Don’t. Like. It.

Phew, now that’s out of the way, I might try to explain some of the reasons why I just can’t get along with it. I should add the disclaimer here that we didn’t actually make it beyond the first two episodes! So I have no idea what happens later in the first series, or in any of the others. I had reached my limit before the end of episode 2 but I wanted to persevere because it felt like there were many series’ worth of entertainment going to waste otherwise!

1. I don’t believe it. Yes, I believe the premise of it, a teacher who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is facing huge medical bills may use his knowledge to earn money illegally. Everything that happens after this, however, I just don’t believe. I found it easier to believe everything that happened in Under The Dome, and that’s saying something.

2. It’s not funny. Or I need a sense of humour transplant (my mam says I took it too seriously). I know it’s not supposed to be entirely serious, but I also don’t find it funny. So it’s in the middle, in some in-betweeny waste-land of not-quite-funny. I just don’t get it. I know I’m quite serious, but still…

3. It’s a bit grim. I can cope with the half-cow in the opening credits of Under The Dome, but a dead body half dissolved in acid falling through the ceiling with the remains of the bath… really?! Not my style.

Sorry, I’d rather read a good (or bad!) book!

Bookshelf filled with colorful books

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  1. Breaking Bad wasn’t a comedy, more of a drama with some comic relief to balance the EXTREMELY grim subject matter. It’s also highly absurd, not intended to be realistic so much as believable, based on the commitment of the actors to their characters. But you don’t have to like everything. I never understood why anyone liked Seinfeld.

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