Advent: Waiting in Hope

Some musings at the beginning of advent on our waiting in hope… though hope has often felt distant. And there are more questions than answers this advent. Time has passed in a strange way this year, and it seems, suddenly, advent is here. We’ve done our fair share of waiting this year and many of the usual joys of the year have been lacking – the parties, the cuppas with friends, the music-making, the cinema-going, the sport-playing. What’s another month? What can we hope for this Christmas? In Australia, the ability to spend time with family and friends, to travel around the country and cross state borders that have been closed for much of the year. It will be a longer wait for international travel – that looks like it’s at least 12 months away! We teachers are hoping for the end of the school year to come without incident, for students and staff to have the opportunity to refresh.

What sort of a world will we have on the other side of this pandemic? Will there be an ‘other’ side, or will there be a forever changed reality? Will masks be a normal part of our existence? Will we continue to connect virtually as often? Will we spend more time in our homes? Will we prioritise differently?

We are waiting, but do we know what we are waiting for? Something so radical it’s beyond our wildest dreams? For a new world, a different world, a changed world? Who knows. We wait in hope. Our hopes may differ but we might hope at least to be united in hope.

While we are waiting, we might as well enjoy some Christmas decorations and carols.

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