Being Marist

It’s been too long – I haven’t taken time out to write recently. If anything, the last 3 years have been busier and harder, contrary to my expectations! I guess this becomes a reality when you keep saying ‘yes’ to things.

But there are moments when you are renewed in the midst of the busyness, and, as I’m delayed at Brisbane airport, so I will get home well after midnight, I am taking the time, after a glass of wine in the Qantas club (thanks to a new connection), to tap out some thoughts.

Term 1 was disrupted for me for family reasons, meaning I travelled back to England to be with my crew mid-term, and returned the day before Year 12 retreat which I led. Given my circumstances (and giving thanks for superb colleagues who give you the energy you lack), the first term was spent playing catch-up. So I ventured not into the networks that I had been frequenting, well aware of the time I had missed. I think I have to put this one down as a case of life getting in the way of normality!

Term 2 has been far more successful. The highlight thus far has been today – a meeting of Marist minds over issues concering the Marist Associatio.n, a group of brothers and lay people who are discerning the way forward for all things Marist in Australia. Sometimes you meet someone who you think has their head screwed on and is asking the right questions. Today was such a day. It was a pleasure to meet with people, most of whom I had never met before, and have meaningful conversations.

The down-side is the 3.30am start to catch a flight at 5.30am, and the 2 hour (and waiting) delay on the flight home, meaning I will get in after midnight, the day before our 15km ‘walkathon’ in which I am the tailwalker!

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