Big Hero 6: Continuing the Hero Theme – Be a Hero!

Big Hero 6 is not only cute, funny and optimistic, but it is also a foray into the world of technology and artificial intelligence (or computer programming towards that). It is a story of heroism in the face of tragedy.

The key protagonists – the main ‘goodie’ and ‘baddie’ – both suffer grief over the loss of a loved one, but they deal with it in different ways. It shows us two clear cut options: to rebuild or to destroy your own life and those around you. As a piece of entertainment, this works well, but life is not always black or white. Like in any good fictional tale, there probably is a bit of truth in it though, otherwise we wouldn’t relate to the story.

It’s a bit like the Eurovision song about heroes I blogged about here. The characters that end up forming the group ‘Big Hero 6’ didn’t set out to be heroes. They just happened to be the only people available at the time, and fortunately had the knowledge and skills to do something about it.

Be a hero!

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