Theology of Music

I have recently found many new musical interests and renewed interests, mostly through reading books on theology and music or by attending conferences. I already thought I had a fairly broad musical interest, from rock, country, pop, pop punk, indie, metal, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, some Romantic, even less Modern classical. But as it expands, I think more and more that it may in fact be the effect of music, rather than something in the particular music itself given the massive diversity, that is of theological value. If this is right, music is thus the vehicle, rather than the end in itself. So, back to experiential theology?

New faves include, but are not limited to: Sigur Ros, Low Roar. Renewed interest in: Green Day, Dire Straits, Mumford & Sons, Daughter.

And not only have I listened to a lot more music than usual recently, but I have been involved in much more playing.

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