This academic year I have presented at three conferences. It has been exciting finally having the opportunity to present my research to other theologians, being asked useful, thought-provoking questions and having constructive feedback. As these papers are all directly linked to my PhD research, it will ultimately be useful experience in preparation for completing the PhD and for the viva. Presenting at these conferences has also given me the opportunity to travel around the UK, with the first conference requiring a trip to Sheffield, then staying close to home at the SST Conference in Durham, followed by a conference in Heythrop College, London. Along the way, I have met some fascinating people, and made good links with academics with shared interests, who I have since been able to continue conversations with via email. This has helped me to develop my own thinking, and expanded my knowledge of theology related to my interests. The papers presented by others has also opened up possible links with my research that I had not previously considered. It has required a lot of organisation and work under pressure to present three papers, as well as continue writing my PhD, alongside full time teaching. Thus, I may take a break from presenting for a little while but have plans to attend two conferences to continue thinking and networking.

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