Meditation Success!

The meditation was such a success that I’ve been asked to put it on for year 11 in the run up to their GCSE exams – they are starting to get stressed. After the Easter holidays for a couple of weeks we will have 20 minutes meditation on a Monday to get them through the week (if any turn up). I also wanted to give the younger students an opportunity to have an extra-curricular meditation class, so they will be having it on a Friday too.

The feedback from the RE study day was overwhelmingly positive, and the students’ comments were moving in themselves. Perhaps they can be summed up in one student’s comment that for a while “the whole school seemed quiet”. I’m confident the whole school wasn’t quiet, but the perception of quiet is enough, I think.

So, given the number of meditation classes I will now be holding, on top of the ones I now know work, I better get finding some more stress-relieving resources for meditation!

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