Even more uncertainty

After some more reading, I realise that I am becoming more and more suspicious of those theologians who make bold statements with great sincerity and earnestness, not to mention the confidence.  In fact, the more I think about it, the more unconvinced I am by them.  That is not to say that I don’t think theologians should make such statements, but that they ought to be made with an acknowledgement that language often fails theology.  Moreover, I see these many statements from many different perspectives culminating in silence.  As in ‘from the silence of the womb to the silence of the tomb’, theology begins and ends in silence.  Language fails to express the inexpressible, and thus all that is left to theology is post-linguistic silence.  Thus, as many have noted, the cataphatic must end in the apophatic.

I do, however, have some glimmer of hope in what is written on my keyring:

Where words fail, music speaks.

One comment

  1. I love you forever because you say ‘ought’. Among other reasons.

    Damn, woman. I don’t understand a word you’re saying but it sounds clever. 🙂

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